VAKI Smart Grader

Automatic Size Adjustment and Accurate Fish Grading

VAKI Smart Grader

The Smart Grader delivers accurate fish grading while minimizing the impact on your fish as they pass through the outlets. The dewatering unit distributes the fish evenly over the width of the grader, so all 10 tracks are used effectively.

Further the inclination of the main sorting unit can be adjusted from 5-10° with an electric actuator. The opening of the grader is controlled with electric linear actuators that can be manually operated from a control panel on the grader or automatically from the VAKI Counter which counts, size measures and calculates the split between the grades. The opening for each grade is displayed on a digital display. The grader is built in high grade stainless steel 316L and selected plastic materials that are corrosion and water resistant.


  • Full width fish inlet for maximum spread of fish.
  • Live fish grading with 60mm diameter rollers.
  • Electronic adjustment of grade size settings and grader tilt.
  • High precision grading.
  • Up to 4 grades, grades fish 5-55mm thick.
  • Recommended size range: 5-500gr (salmon).
  • Capacity: 2000-8000 kg/h (salmon).
  • Dimensions: 3100mm x 1800mm x 1700mm (LxBxW)
  • Outlets: D=152mm
  • Connection to VAKI Smart Flow.
  • Connection to VAKI Cloud

Operation and adjustment:

  • Outlets can be mounted to deliver the fish on either side of the grader and are easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Operate the grader opening manually via a control panel or automatically via the VAKI Counter, which counts, measures size and calculates the split between grades.
  • Electric linear actuators control opening.
  • Digital display shows the opening for each controller.
  • Change the main sorting unit inclination from 5-10° with an electric actuator.


  • 10 tracks
  • Length of rollers: 1,9m
  • Inlet pipe: 6-10″ wide
  • Outlet diameters: standard 152mm
  • Dimensions: 2500 x 1800 x 1700mm
  • Motor: 2 x 0,37 kW

The rollers are machined in with high precision laser welding tools and balanced out with specialized equipment. It delivers an accurate grading of the fish. The outlets are designed to minimize the impact on the fish and can be mounted to deliver the fish on either side of the grader. These outlets can easily be removed for cleaning. The rotation speed of the rollers can be adjusted with a frequency controller.


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