VAKI Exel Counter

Accurate Counting, High Capacity and Image Verification

VAKI Exel Counter


The VAKI Exel Counter is the  biggest fish counter in the Macro Range. It has a 120cm wide counting area and has 25% higher capacity than the standard Macro, wireless Internet, logging system and a faster camera connection. The Exel Counter can be delivered both as single or 4 channel. This range of counters is based on a scanning camera and computer vision. The fish are carried gently in water through the scanning area where the outlines are recorded. Custom software is used to analyse and count each image. Even at maximum capacity the counter is extremely accurate – over 99%.

Split Head

  • PC that is much lighter to move around between counters
  • Can back up other counters in the Macro Micro Range
  • Easier to access for any service requirement
  • Easier to store for safety and security
Exel Counter



  • Accurate counting and high capacity
  • Images are saved for verification
  • Counting Report and overload alarm
  • Stress free – fish are in water at all times
  • Removable counter head for servicing and storage
  • Remote monitoring and servicing
  • Can be connected to Smart Flow


  • Multi – channels
  • Size Measurement Module
  • Remote monitoring
  • UPS – Backup power supply
  • Non-standard outlets and inlets
  • Custom design / specification
  • Service contract and Extended warranty


  • Fish size: 0.2g. – 800g
  • Capacity:
    – up to 1.250.000  1g. fish per hour
    – up to 250.000   50g. fish per hour
  • Accuracy over 99%
  • Dimensions: 192x143x123cm (LxWxH)
  • Power supply: 110/220 V


The Macro Exel Fish Counter is well suited for all kind of fish such as: salmon, cod, turbot, halibut, trout, tilapia, shrimp, barramundi, king fish sea bass and bream.

Macro Range Counters Comparison Table

 NanoMicroMacroMacro Exel
Fish Size0.05g - 30g0.1g - 200g0.1g - 400gUp to 800g
Capacity200.000 fish/hr (1g)500.000 fish/hr (1g)1.000.000 fish/hr (1g)
200.000 fish/hr (50g)
1.200.000 fish/hr (1g)
240.000 fish/hr (50g)
Dimensions1.2 x 0.8 x 0.9m
(L x W x H)
1.5 x 0.7 x 1.5m
(L x W x H)
2.5 x 1.3 x 1.1m
(L x W x H)
1.9 x 1.4 x 1.2m
(L x W x H)
Counting width400mm500mm1000mm1200mm
Power Supply110/220V110/220V110/220V110/220V
AP/ Remote MonitorYesYesYesYes
Size EstimateYesYesYesYes
Technical SupportYesYesYesYes
Customer DesignYesYesYesYes
WarrantyTwo yearsTwo yearsTwo yearsTwo years



The counter uses VAKI computer vision technology originally developed for counting fry, smolts and juvenile fish. Fish pass over a light source where an imaging line scanning camera is used to grab silhouette image of every single fish. The silhouettes are analyzed and used for counting and size estimation.


The advanced software is used to count the fish as they pass the counting area. All fish images are stored and can be used for verifying the count. The screenshot to the right shows one second of smolt counting where the capacity is up to 100 fish per second.

Macro App

Among other features the Macro app provides the user the option to run the counter, view the results and email the count report from a smart phone or tablet.

Automatic Report Function

The automatic count report gives valuable and detailed information on the counting. The report can be supplied to the receiver of fish along with the counting file containing the images of all the fish. The throughput chart shows the rate of fish passing thru the counter. With this information the quality of the count can be assessed by checking for any overload.

Size Measurements

An optional feature to the counting program, the size measurement module, presents average weight and the size distribution of the counted fish on a graph along with information on the total biomass of the fish. In one simple operation complete data on number and size of fish is obtained without handling or stress.


The VAKI Cloud is the online location to store and access all  your VAKI Counter Reports ,  fish images and smart flow grading reports. All VAKI Counters and Graders have the ability to automatically backup the files to VAKI Cloud.

With a secure Log in the VAKI Cloud will also allow access to current operational status and service information for your VAKI equipment in the VAKI Customer Care Program.


The Customer Care Package provides you with inclusive service checks carried out online by our skilled service team, so no logistical issues or transport costs to worry about. This also gives us the opportunity to advise and make recommendations on the use of the counter, identify any potential issues that may be affecting the accuracy or any repairs / replacements that should be considered.


Nr. of CountersCustomerCountryType
1Acqua Azzurra S.p.A.ItalyMicro
1Acuicola Marina SLSpainMacro
1Acuicultura Toro y CIA SPAChileMicro
1ACUITEC S.L.SpainMacro
1Akuvatur Mediterranean FishesTurkeyMicro
1Akuvatur Mediterranean FishesTurkeyMicro
1Akva Group Denmark A/SDenmarkMacro
2Akvafarm ASNorwayMacro
2Alevines de GuardamarSpainMacro
1Alevines de GuardamarSpainMicro
1Alevines del SuresteSpainMacro
1Alevines del SuresteSpainMicro
1Alsaker Fjordbruk ASNorwayExel
1Andromeda S.A.GreeceMacro
2Andromeda S.A.GreeceMicro
1Aquabounty Farms Indiana LLCUSAMacro
1Aquacultur Fischtechnik GmbHGermanyMicro
1Aquacultur Fischtechnik GmbHGermanyNano
1Aquaculture AmericaUSAMicro
3Aquasan ChileMacro
5Aquasan Chileunknown
2Aquatec Solutions A/SDenmarkMacro
9Aquicultura Balear, S.A.USpainMacro
1Aquicultura Balear, S.A.USpainNano
1Aquicultura Balear, S.A.USpainExel
1Arnarlax ehf.IcelandMacro
1Artec Aqua ASNorwayMicro
3Åsen Settefisk ASNorwayMacro
1Atlantic LumpasNorwayNano
1Atlantic SapphireUSAMacro
3Austefjorden Smolt ASNorwayMacro
1Australis Agua DulceChileunknown
12Australis Agua DulceChileMacro
1Australis Agua DulceChileMicro
1Azienda Ittica San Giorgio Soc. Agr. ArlItalyMicro
2Bæjarvík ehf.IcelandMacro
2Bakkafrost HarvestFaroe IslandsExel
1Bakkafrost HarvestFaroe IslandsMacro
1Basis 57, Nachhaltige WassernutzungSwitzerlandMicro
1Big Tree CreekUSAExel
1Billund AquacultureChileMacro
1BIM Ireland´s Seafood Development AgencyIrelandNano
1Bremnes Seashore ASNorwayMacro
3Catvis BVNetherlandMicro
1Cedar Crest Trout FarmCanadaMacro
5Cermaq CanadaCanadaMacro
2Cermaq CanadaCanadaMicro
4Cermaq ChileChileunknown
10Cermaq ChileChileMacro
2Cermaq Norway ASNorwayExel
1Challenger Institute of TechnologyAustraliaNano
1CJSC VirtaRussiaMicro
1Clean Seas Seafood Ltd.AustraliaMicro
2Cloan Hatcheries LtdUKMacro
20Cooke AquacultureUKMacro
1Cooke AquacultureUKExel
2Cooke Aquaculture ChileChileunknown
1Cooke Aquaculture ChileChileMicro
1Cooke Aquaculture Inc.USA & CanadaMicro
8Cooke Aquaculture Inc.USA & CanadaMacro
1Cromaris d.d.CroatiaMacro
2Cromaris d.d.CroatiaMicro
1Cultivos Acuaticos ManantialesChileMacro
6Dawnfresh SeafoodsUKMacro
1Dawnfresh SeafoodsUKMicro
1Derrylea Holdings Ltd.IrelandMicro
2Dorset Cleanerfish Ltd.UKMacro
1Dorset Cleanerfish Ltd.UKNano
1Dýrfiskur ehf.IcelandMacro
1Eagle Creek National Fish HatcheryUSAunknown
1Earth Ocean FarmsMexicoMicro
3Eco SalmonChileMacro
1El VolcanChileMacro
1Eldisstöðin ÍsþórIcelandMicro
3Eldisstöðin ÍsþórIcelandMacro
1EM LaxNorwayExel
1Environment Agency UKUKNano
2Erko SettefiskNorwayExel
1Evanachan Hydro LtdUKMicro
1Evanachan Hydro LtdUKNano
1Fattorie del MareItalyMicro
1Femanger Laks ASNorwayMicro
1Ferme Marine Du DouhetFranceMicro
1Finfish Ltd.UKMacro
2Firda Settefisk ASNorwayMacro
1Fisheries & OceansCanadaNano
2Fiskevardsteknik ABSwedenNano
1Fjon Bruk ASNorwayExel
1Fjordsmolt ASNorwayMacro
1Forkys AquacultureGreeceMicro
1Framnessmolt ASNorwayMicro
1Fraser Valley Trout HatcheryCanadaMacro
6Fresh by Design /Serolo Pty LtdAustraliaMacro
3Fresh by Design /Serolo Pty LtdAustraliaMicro
1Fresh by Design /Serolo Pty LtdAustraliaNano
1General Environmental Science, Inc. (GES)ChinaMicro
1Global Fish Sp.z.o.oPolandMicro
1Gobierno de la RiojaSpainMacro
3Granja Marina TornagaleonesChileMacro
2Granja Marina TornagaleonesChileunknown
2Granja Marina TornagaleonesChileMicro
1Granja Marina TornagaleonesChileMacro
1Granjas La NoriaMexicoMicro
2Grieg Seafood BC.CanadaMacro
4Grieg Seafood FinnmarkNorwayExel
1Grytåga Settefisk ASNorwayMicro
1Hardingsmolt ASNorwayMacro
1Havlandet Marin YngelNorwayMicro
2Hebridean Smolts LtdUKMacro
2Helgeland SmoltNorwayExel
1Helgeland SmoltNorwayMacro
1HiddenfjordFaroe IslandsMicro
1Highland SalmonUKMacro
1Howietoun Fish FarmUKMacro
1Humpty Doo BarramundiAustraliaNano
1Huon Aquaculture CompanyAustraliaExel
4Huon Aquaculture CompanyAustraliaMacro
1Hushållningssällskapet VästernorrlandSwedenMicro
1Hyen Fisk ASNorwayMacro
1Iceberg International Ltd.BulgariaMacro
1Icicle Seafoods, IncCanadaMacro
2Icicle Seafoods, IncCanadaunknown
1Ilsvåg Fisk A/SNorwayMacro
1Ilsvåg Fisk ASNorwayExel
1Interfish LtdBulgariaMicro
1Inversiones ImolaChileMacro
1Iowa's First IncUSAMicro
1JT Electric Ltd.Faroe Islandsunknown
1Kala RantaRussiaNano
2Kames Fish Farming Ltd.UKMacro
1Kampachi Farms MexicoMexicoMicro
2Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd.CanadaMicro
13Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd.CanadaMacro
5Kenfish ASNorwayMacro
1KOL-tech Tomasz KolankowskiPolandNano
1Kootenay Trout HatcheryCanadaMacro
2Lago SofiaChileExel
2Lago SofiaChileunknown
4Landcatch Natural Selection LtdUKMacro
1Leppefisk ASNorwayMicro
1Lerøy LaksefjordNorwayExel
4Lerøy Midt ASNorwayMacro
1Lerøy Midt ASNorwayExel
1Lerøy SjøtrollNorwayMacro
1Lerøy SjøtrollNorwayMicro
1Lerøy Vest ASNorwayExel
5Les Poissons du SoleilFranceMicro
1Ljones fisk ASNorwayMacro
1Loch Duart Ltd.UKMacro
2Los FiordosChileunknown
6Los FiordosChileMacro
2Los RauliesChileMacro
1Luna P/FFaroe IslandsExel
1Matorka ehf.IcelandMicro
1Matorka ehf.IcelandMacro
1Meeker's AquacultureCanadaMacro
1Migdale SmoltsUKExel
1Migdale SmoltsUKMicro
3Migdale SmoltsUKMacro
5Mohn Aqua LtdUKMacro
1Mohn Aqua LtdUKunknown
1Mowi Canada EastCanadaExel
4Mowi Canada EastCanadaMacro
1Mowi Canada EastCanadaMicro
2Mowi Canada WestCanadaMacro
1Mowi Canada WestCanadaExel
1Mowi ChileChileMacro
4Mowi Norway ASNorwayExel
10Mowi Norway ASNorwayMacro
4Mowi Norway ASNorwayMicro
1Mowi Scotland LimitedUKNano
4Mowi Scotland LimitedUKExel
14Mowi Scotland LimitedUKMacro
1Mowi Scotland LimitedUKMicro
1Mt. Cook Alpine SalmonNew ZealandMicro
1N.A. MakelisGreeceMicro
2Neptun Settefisk ASNorwayMicro
1New Zealand King Salmon Co. LtdNew ZealandExel
1New Zealand King Salmon Co. LtdNew ZealandMacro
1Norsk Sjøservice ASNorwayMicro
1Northern Southeast Regional Aquaculture AssociationUSAMacro
1Northwest Fish Culture ConferenceUSAMicro
2Ocean Matters LtdUKNano
2Ocean Matters LtdUKMacro
1Osland Settefisk ASNorwayExel
2Osland Settefisk ASNorwayMicro
1Osland Settefisk ASNorwayMacro
1Pacific SeafoodUSAMacro
2Pentair Aquatic ECO-SystemsUSAMicro
1Pentair Aquatic ECO-SystemsUSAMacro
1Pentair Aquatic ECO-SystemsUSANano
4Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Ltd.CanadaMacro
1Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Ltd.Canadaunknown
1Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Ltd.CanadaMicro
1Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.AustraliaMacro
1Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc.AustraliaNano
1Petuna AquacultureAustraliaMacro
1Piscicola HornopirenChileMacro
1Piscicultura IculpeChileMacro
1Piscicultura LicanChileMacro
1Piscicultura tierra del fuego saChileExel
2Piscicultura tierra del fuego saChileMacro
1Psicultura Las QuemasChileunknown
1Psicultura Las QuemasChileMacro
1Regal Springs TilapiaunknownMicro
1Reya Fish LtdBulgariaMacro
1Sævareid Fiskeanlegg ASNorwayExel
3Sævareid Fiskeanlegg ASNorwayMacro
1Salangfisk ASNorwayExel
1Salar Bruk ASNorwayMacro
1Salmar RaumaNorwayMicro
4Salmones AntarticaChileMacro
2Salmones AntarticaChileunknown
2Salmones AntarticaChileMicro
11Salmones AustralChileMacro
1Salmones AysenChileMacro
1Salmones Caleta BayChileMacro
3Salmones Caleta BayChileExel
2Salmones Caleta BayChileunknown
1Salmones Caleta BayChileMicro
4Salmones CamanchacaChileMacro
1Salmones CamanchacaChileExel
3Salmones CaptrenChileMacro
1Salmones CaptrenChileMicro
1Salmones CaptrenChileunknown
1Salmones de ChileChileMacro
1Salmones de ChileChileMicro
1Salmones HumboldtChileMacro
3Salmones MagallanesChileunknown
1Salmones Multiexport FoodChileMicro
1Salmones Multiexport FoodChileMacro
1Salmonifera DalcahueChileMacro
2Salmonifera DalcahueChileunknown
6Saltas Ltd.AustraliaMacro
1Salten SmoltNorwayMicro
1Samherji FiskeldiIcelandMacro
1Samherji FiskeldiIcelandunknown
3Scottish Sea Farms Ltd.UKExel
1Scottish Sea Farms Ltd.UKMacro
2Sealand Aquaculture Chileunknown
3Sealand Aquaculture ChileMacro
1Sealand Aquaculture ChileMicro
1Selcoth Fisheries LtdUKMacro
1Selection Center of Aquaculture LtdRussiaMicro
1Silver SeedNorwayMacro
1Sion FarmsIsraelMacro
2Sisomar ASNorwayExel
1Sleneset Aqua ServiceNorwayMacro
1Smolten ASNorwayExel
1Sol SmoltNorwayMacro
1Springfield Hatcheries pty Ltd.AustraliaMacro
1Stellent Networks Pte LtdSingaporeMicro
2Stofnfiskur hf.IcelandMicro
2Stolt Sea Farm Iceland hf.IcelandMicro
2Stolt Sea Farm, SASpainMicro
1Strømsnes Akvakultur ASNorwayExel
1Sundsfjord SmoltNorwayMacro
1Sundsfjord SmoltNorwayExel
1Tacoma PowerPolandMacro
5Tassal Operations PTY LTDAustraliaMacro
2Tassal Operations PTY LTDAustraliaExel
1Test Valley TroutUKMacro
11The Scottish Salmon CompanyUKMacro
3Toskedal ASNorwayMacro
2Triton Aquaculture Africa Ltd.GhanaMacro
1Tropenhaus Frutigen AGSwitzerlandMicro
1Tropo Farms Ltd.GhanaNano
1Tropo Farms Ltd.GhanaMacro
1Truchas SuraláColumbiaNano
1UK Glass EelsUKNano
3Umlax ABSwedenMicro
2Urke Fiskeoppdrett ASNorwayMacro
1US Fish and WildlifeUSAMacro
1US Fish and WildlifeUSAMicro
1USFWS-Yukon RiverUSAMicro
1Valperca AGSwitzerlandMacro
2Vattenfall Vattenkraft ABNorwayNano
1Veiðifélag Eystri RangárIcelandMicro
1Veiðifélag Ytri RangárIcelandMicro
1Victorian Fisheries Authority AustraliaMicro
3Vikahav ASNorwayMicro
1Vikan Settefisk ASNorwayMacro
1Vikan Settefisk ASNorwayExel
1Villa Smolt ASNorwayExel
2Villa Smolt ASNorwayMicro
1Villa Smolt ASNorwayMacro
1Water Proved GmbHGermanyNano
1West Coast Fish Culture LtdCanadaMacro
White Lake Fish Culture StationCanadaMacro
1Yaizatun S.A.SpainMacro

What our Customers say

“We use the VAKI Macro counters all the time on our fresh water cage farms in Scotland. Despite the obvious weather challenges from wind and motion and rain on these sites, the counters work very well most of the time and give us a high degree of confidence with our stock control”.

“We have been using the VAKI Macro fish counter for several years. The counter employs advanced digital camera technology which gives both high counting capacity and excellent accuracy. In addition, the VAKI Macro fish counter offers good weight estimates of counted fish. The experience of our hatchery staff in using the counter is very positive. The unit is well built and very easy to use.  It works very well in combination with fish pumps and graders reducing labor requirements and greatly improving our fish inventory control. It is also virtually maintenance free and, year after year, it provides us with consistent, trouble free operation. Highly recommended”.

“We invested recently in VAKI Macro and Micro products and with these products we have achieved great control on our production. The equipment has a very high capacity and is really accurate in all phases of production. Grading of the fish is also much faster. We have a lot more control on the biomass and fish number after we invested in the VAKI Fish counters”.



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