Wellboat Smolt Counter

Accurate Counting, High Capacity and Image Verification

Fullwater Counter



• Accurate counting of fish from 50g
• In special configuration it is possible to count smolt
• Counting reports for every delivery
• Images are stored for verification of the count
• Measurement of average weight & size distribution
• Counting width from 1400 – 2100mm depending on type
• Excessive dewatering
• Full control from the bridge
• Gentle handling of fish
• Can be connected to VAKI Cloud
• Can be connected to VAKI Smart Flow


• Trained service agents for installation
• Repair service at each main area
• Critical Spares available with agents
• Routine Service Contracts
• Updated Service / Operating Manual
• All units fully tested for hardware & software performance before delivery
• 2 years Warranty guarantee
• Customer service & back up


2 standard widths
– 1,4m counting width
– 2,1m counting width
• Size of fish: 50g – 12kg
• Capacity range: is wide depending on application ( 50-200 ton per hour).
• Accuracy: over 98%


The Wellboat Channel Counter is well suited for all kind of fish such as: salmon, cod, turbot, halibut, trout, tilapia, sea bass and bream.

Wellboat Fish Counters Comparison Table

Smolt CounterChannel Counter
Channel Counter
Fish SizeUp to 500g50g and up50g and up
Capacity200.000 - 300.000 fish/hr50 - 300 ton/hr50 - 300 ton/hr
WeightS-1400 200kg
S-2100 350kg
B-2000 200kg
B-1400 170kg
Y-1300 300kg
Y-1900 450kg
Dimensions4.2 x 1.6 x 2.3m
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)(L x W x H)
Counting widthtwo sizes
2.1m and 1.4m
two sizes
2.1m and 1.4m
two sizes
2.1m and 1.4m
Power Supply110/220V110/220V110/220V
AP/ Remote MonitorYesYesYes
Size EstimateYesYesYes
Technical SupportYesYesYes
Customer DesignYesYesYes
WarrantyTwo yearsTwo yearsTwo years


Full control from the bridge of the wellboat

The Counting Technology

The counter uses VAKI computer vision technology originally developed for counting fry, smolts and juvenile fish. Fish pass over a light source where an imaging line scanning camera is used to grab silhouette image of every single fish. The silhouettes are analysed and used for counting and size estimation.

Recording Of Images

The images of the fish are automatically recorded and can be used to validate and check the accuracy of the count. The image file can be given to a customer and / or stored as a permanent record.

The red chart indicates the numbers of fish counted during the entire count and is used to select a time frame for further analyses. The screen displays images of fish passing the camera for each one second interval. Accuracy can be verified by a manual check of the number of fish images to the count shown on the screen.

Macro App

Among other features the Macro app provides the user the option to run the counter, view the results and email the count report from a smart phone or tablet.

Counting Report

The automatic count report gives valuable and detailed information on the counting. The report can be supplied to the receiver of fish along with the counting file containing the images of all the fish. The throughput chart shows the rate of fish passing thru the counter. With this information the quality of the count can be assessed by checking for any overload time.

Size Measurements

An optional feature to the counting program, the size measurement module, presents accurate average weight and size distribution of the counted fish.
In one simple operation complete data on number and size of fish is obtained without handling or stress.

VAKI Smart Flow

The Smart Flow System gathers information from all devices. This facilitates the optimization of every grading/ counting operation as the various devices can be controlled and fine-tuned electronically in order to result in more precise controlled output.

VAKI Cloud

The VAKI Cloud is the online location to store and access all  your VAKI Counter Reports ,  fish images and smart flow grading reports. All VAKI Counters and Graders have the ability to automatically backup the files to VAKI Cloud.

With a secure Log in the VAKI Cloud will also allow access to current operational status and service information for your VAKI equipment in the VAKI Customer Care Program.

What our Customers say

“We have been using the VAKI Smolt Counters on our wellboats for many years. Fast, gentle and accurate delivery of fish is important to us and our customers. Therefore we choose VAKI Counters that are reliable, have huge capacity and very good accuracy. We are very pleased for the possibility of documenting all counting with image analysis”.

“The use of the counters has allowed us to maximize growth and minimize unnecessary stress by transferring the exact number of fish for harvest and leaving the remaining fish to feed and grow”.



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