High Speed, Accurate Grading and Compact

VAKI Fish Grader

VAKI fish grader has been designed for the high speed grading of large numbers of live fish. The size range for salmon-ids and equivalent is 0.2 g up to 200 g and the capacity is up to 6.000 kg/hour. The grader is circular and requires less floor space than other grading machines.

How it Works

The grader carousel has sixteen boxes that rotate within the grader. As each box passes over an outlet the opening in the bottom of the box is automatically increased to a preselected size. The grading gaps can be set from fully closed up to 50 mm wide. The length of the box limits the maximum size of fish which can be sorted. The fish are graded by thickness. The standard grader has 4 outlets and a single fish inlet. Fish can be pumped or netted into the grader. The inlet can be angled to increase or slow down the fish flow into the grader and the inlet has an integrated de-watering box. There is a 360° adjustment in the direction of the outlets from the grader.



• High capacity
• Accurate grading
• Gentle on fish
• Size from 0.2–200g
• Compact and light
• Easily adjustable


The VAKI grader has a speed regulator to adjust the rotation speed from 5–10 rpm. If the grader is run at 10 rpm then 9600 boxes are used in one hour (16x10x60), with 5 fish on average in each box then 48.000 fish are graded in one hour.



Fish are in water at all times during grading. Water flows into the grading boxes from the integrated sprinkler system ensuring the fish remain in water and pass easily away through the outlet pipes.


A series of tests have been made to measure the accuracy of the VAKI fish grader. By taking samples from grading operations to measure the thickness, weight and length of graded fish for comparison to the grading gap selected. These studies have confirmed the accuracy of the VAKI fish grader.



The fish are graded by thickness with the size range for salmon ids from 0.2–200g.


Salmon, trout, sea bass, sea bream, halibut, turbot, cod, tilapia, barramundi, char, king fish and more.