Drum Grader

Drum Grader

The VAKI Drum Grader is a rotary drum grader which has a drum formed of equally spaced 16 mm rods that make up a cone. The fish is pumped in on the narrow end of the cone to the internal side. A continues flow of water gently pushes the fish down along the rods and when the space between to rods is equal to the fish thickness it falls through and into the outlet chute.


The grader is made in 316L stainless steel and is fitted on a frame with 4 wheels which makes it easy to move between fish tanks.
Over all dimensions: (L x W x H) 1800 x 845 x 1900 mm. Inlet pipe 2” camlock male.
Outlet pipes: D=105 mm
The grader is operated from a simple control box with on/off buttons and an adjustable speed control. The power supply is a 10 amp 230V AC, 0,37 kW.


There are three outlets on the grader. Grade 1 and 2 are beneath the drum and grade 3 is for the largest fish that goes off the end. There are 3 standard size ranges available for the grader as shown in the table below. The drum is interchangeable. The rotational speed of the drum is adjustable from 0-10 rpm.
The handling of the fish is very gentle and it is always transported in water and abundant water is sprayed over the fish at all stages.



–        Accurate grading of fish from 0.5g
–        High capacity
–        3 grades
–        Compact
–        Easily adjustable
–        Gentle on fish

Standard drum sizes – opening in mm



The new Drum Grader from VAKI has increased our grading efficiency a great deal. We are very pleased with the possibility to grade in three categories instead of the usually two, as with the old hand grading system (the box grader).

The grader is very gentle to the fish and is pumped into the grader instead of netting/ and handling as it is done with the old method.

Also important is the saving of time and manpower. Before we had two to three people grading by box, but now we only need one person grading when using the VAKI Drum Grader. We find the grader really easy to work with and compact, that gives us the possibility to move it around and grade where ever we want. We find the benefits of the new Drum Grader quite big.




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