Continuous Excellence

For over 30 years VAKI has been a leading company in the development and manufacture of equipment for both fish farming and river stock management. VAKI is committed to continuous innovation supported with worldwide service network and after-sales support.

Worldwide Representatives

VAKI maintains a worldwide quality service network and our products are exported to more than sixty countries. VAKI’s main market areas are Norway, Scotland, Chile and Canada, together with the Mediterranean countries.

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Extensive range of counters that bring together the best technology and the demands from our customers.

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Accurate grading while minimizing the impact on the fish.

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Now available as a 6" and 8" but soon to be announced of the arrival on a new 10" pump.

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Size Estimation and Monitoring

Overview of all cages in real time, in order to maximize productivity and ensures optimal decisions.

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About Us

VAKI focuses on fish counting and size estimation. The feature all our products have in common is that they offer the user accurate information to facilitate planning and decision making. They also raise the level of automation and contribute towards increased efficiency.